Here is a testimonial written by Carmel residents Brad and Stephanie, who recently hired Trillium to participate in their kitchen and family room remodel.

We are thrilled to have discovered Trillium Cabinet Company! We had been working with one of the oldest and best-known local kitchen design firms, but we had become frustrated with very slow response times and company policies that stifled our decision-making process. After only a 30-minute consultation, Trillium owner Steve Campbell delivered a more detailed and much more functional design, in a timely manner and offering exactly what we needed.

Brad and Stephanie's New Kitchen

We were even more impressed when Trillium’s quote came in at much less than that of the other firm. What’s more, the cost was not much more than those of the home improvement chains. Unlike the chains, however, Trillium provided customized plans that to fit our family's living style and offered the detail and design elements that provide a high-end finish quality. Our Trillium cabinetry is sure to maximize the return on our investment in our home, not to mention wow our neighbors and guests!
Steve and the Trillium team really listened to our goals and ideas for the project and paid attention to how our family uses each part of our home. Then they brought practical ideas as well as creative design touches to the plans in a way that our first design firm only claimed to do and that no home improvement store can possibly offer.

New fireplace, built-ins, mantel

Trillium Cabinet Company coordinated their work seamlessly with our primary remodeling contractor, established a delivery and installation schedule that fit everyone's needs and, most importantly, honored those commitments. Working with Trillium, we always knew what to expect and when. Even though the installation work spanned three rooms (plus a fourth for storage/staging), Trillium excelled with their problem-solving skills, flexibility, and diplomacy, storing and installing over 50 cabinet units without impeding the many other tradesmen involved in the remodel. The project’s nature involved many moving targets and last-minute changes, yet Trillium made the necessary changes cheerfully and creatively, with cost adjustments that were both reasonable and clearly communicated.

This built-in hutch replaces the pantry and serves as food storage

Installation work was completed efficiently, and with the care and craftsmanship of artisans. Precise adjustments and minute fit-and-finish details are a source of pride to Trillium's installers. We received the same service and workmanship they would put into their own homes' cabinetry. A few months have passed and we still have not found a single issue that was left incomplete or overlooked.
We are in love with the results of our remodel; and the design, quality and value of our Trillium Cabinetry make it our favorite part!

Before and After

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Custom kitchen with thick maple countertops

Other endorsements from our customers:

“The guys at Trillium are true professionals. From design to install, they were attentive to every detail and invested themselves as though it were their own kitchen, while ensuring along the way that we were completely satisfied. Top of the line service and a great value!”

"We love our beautiful new Trillium cabinets. Your professional team was very accomodating and helped transform our small space into a beautifully appointed modern kitchen while maintaining the charm and character of our old house. It has been a joy to work with you."

Custom kitchen with thick maple countertops

"Steve and Scott Campbell have done wonderful work for us over the years. In 2003, they built beautiful cabinets in our kitchen....They are maple cabinets, cream-colored with a distressed detail. They are gorgeous and we have been very happy with them. And just recently, they refurbished our kitchen table chairs which were about 15 yrs. old and they look brand new. We would highly recommend Trillium Cabinets to anyone looking for high quality workmanship and expertise!"


"Our Trillium-crafted custom kitchen was still beautiful, practical, and state-of-the-art nearly eight years after its installation! When we were preparing to sell our 35 year-old home every realtor who looked at the house thought the kitchen was brand new and told us it would be a great selling feature.

Now that we are in our new place, we really miss the quality features of our Trillium kitchen even though we are in a nearly new upscale home with a “luxury kitchen”. The difference between the Trillium cabinetry and this builder’s version of custom is palpable. Although we cannot justify tearing out a perfectly lovely nearly new kitchen at this time, we would hire Trillium in a heartbeat to redesign and build us a new kitchen if we could. We heartily recommend Trillium to any and all who value fine workmanshipand good design."

Custom kitchen with thick maple countertops

"We absolutely love our kitchen! We remodeled our kitchen and Trillium's island is the centerpiece. They're professional, organized, and creative with a great eye for detail. We are truly pleased with the quality and beauty of our Trillium cabinetry."

"Steve Campbell and Trillium Cabinet Company designed, constructed, and installed in my kitchen the most beautiful and functional island I could have imagined. It truly is a beautiful piece of fine furniture and the focal point of the room."

Custom kitchen with thick maple countertops

I have hired Trillium Cabinets for a full kitchen of cabinets, and for a built-in bookshelf/entertainment center for my living room. I have been impressed by their professionalism from design through installation, and the quality, fit, and finish are impeccable. It’s only a matter of time before I have them back for a project in my dining room. They are truly masters of fine custom woodworking and cabinetry.


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