Houzz May 2015

We bought a house with no plans to gut the kitchen, only to sand and paint. But the more we looked around, the more we realized we had to remodel the entire things.

To be honest, we’d had some houses with lousy kitchen designs in the past – clearly done by someone who never cooked anything. I got a little obsessive over not repeating those experiences and after the old cabinetry was out, I mocked up the locations for everything we kept in our kitchen and made sure it was in the right place. Most people don’t bother and yes, it took a day or two to get it all down. Turned out to be a real time/money saver. Then we called Steve.

He came in, suggested some great changes and then systematically made sure that any number of gotchas we didn’t think of were designed out of the plan. He was straightforward, pleasant, dedicated and oh, so knowledgeable. He made the difference between a good kitchen plan and a great one.

We splurged on some cabinets that were not the most expensive and certainly not the least, but Steve understood our expectations by that time and made sure we got what we wanted.

He had an assistant help him with the installation. The assistant did some of the installation while Steve was off site. Steve returned later after the assistant had left and noticed that some of the cabinets weren’t exactly right. I hadn’t even noticed. They couldn’t have been more than 1/8″ off. Seriously. Not noticeable, except to Steve.

He took them all down and rehung them. Wow.

At the end of the project, I realized that I’d worked with the most professional, efficient and thorough individual that I’d ever encountered in a home improvement project.

He recently showed up – two years after the installation – and touched up some areas that needed it (our fault). No charge.

I can’t recommend him and his company enough for any project he’s willing to take on. – W. Noel