Brad & Stephanie Kitchen Remodel

We are thrilled to have discovered Trillium Cabinet Company! We had been working with one of the oldest and best-known local kitchen design firms, but we had become frustrated with very slow response times and company policies that stifled our decision-making process. After only a 30-minute consultation, Trillium owner Steve Campbell delivered a more detailed and much more functional design, in a timely manner and offering exactly what we needed.

We were even more impressed when Trillium’s quote came in at much less than that of the other firm. What’s more, the cost was not much more than those of the home improvement chains. Unlike the chains, however, Trillium provided customized plans that to fit our family’s living style and offered the detail and design elements that provide a high-end finish quality. Our Trillium cabinetry is sure to maximize the return on our investment in our home, not to mention wow our neighbors and guests!

Steve and the Trillium team really listened to our goals and ideas for the project and paid attention to how our family uses each part of our home. Then they brought practical ideas as well as creative design touches to the plans in a way that our first design firm only claimed to do and that no home improvement store can possibly offer.