Carmel Family Room Remodel

Trillium Cabinet Company coordinated their work seamlessly with our primary remodeling contractor, established a delivery and installation schedule that fit everyone’s needs and, most importantly, honored those commitments. Working with Trillium, we always knew what to expect and when. Even though the installation work spanned three rooms (plus a fourth for storage/staging), Trillium excelled with their problem-solving skills, flexibility, and diplomacy, storing and installing over 50 cabinet units without impeding the many other tradesmen involved in the remodel. The project’s nature involved many moving targets and last-minute changes, yet Trillium made the necessary changes cheerfully and creatively, with cost adjustments that were both reasonable and clearly communicated.

Installation work was completed efficiently, and with the care and craftsmanship of artisans. Precise adjustments and minute fit-and-finish details are a source of pride to Trillium’s installers. We received the same service and workmanship they would put into their own homes’ cabinetry. A few months have passed and we still have not found a single issue that was left incomplete or overlooked.

We are in love with the results of our remodel; and the design, quality and value of our Trillium Cabinetry make it our favorite part!